FiNisHeD QuiLTs

Below are some of the quilts I've made ... most of them as gifts. 
Unfortunately a few have been given away without a picture being kept...
* * * * *
Elephant PlayQuilt... June 2017
This fun baby cot quilt measures 36in x 48in.  
The quilting was done by Julie (Edge to Edge) in a Hearts & Swirls pattern.
I adapted the original pattern by "The Design Studio" by using Applique, block size & finished quilt size changes to suit my requirements.
Clowns Cuddle Quilt... April 2017
The quilt measures 38 inch x 45 inches... & is my own design.
* * * * *
Play Time quilt... August 2016
The quilt measures 40 inch x 52 inch.
See below for details...

Baby Taggie Play Rug... April 2016
This was a FREE design by
My slightly larger version of the original quilt measured 36 inch x 45 inch.
I added an extra row & changed the layout slightly as well.
The colourful ribbons can hold toys in place OR be used as sensory stimuli.
Simple in the ditch, cross hatch and F/M snail quilting finished it off. 
Both mother & baby loved it!
* * * * *

Luke's Labyrinth Quilt... March 2016
This quilt measures 90 inch x 90 inch. 
It's the perfect size for a queen bed... or to snuggle under on a lounge.
The original design was by Belmont Patchwork Heart called Metro Maze Quilt.
It was quilted by Julie using Khpanto 90 which looks just like a MaZe.
I love how this quilt looks...& hope the recipient will too.
 * * * * *

Wonky Star Scrappy Quilt... June 2015
The WSS blocks are 10 inch finished...with 2 inch finished sashing in between.
The different coloured corner stones were added for effect.
I used a white fabric with "stars" on it throughout the quilt.
The outside borders are also 2 inch finished & add a nice finish to the quilt I think.
The quilt measures 58 inch x  70 inch & is wonderfully soft and cuddly.
* * * * *

Roses in Bloom... April 2015
This quilt measures 65 inch square.
* * * * *

For Cooper~ Baby Tummy Time Quilt... April 2015

Liquorice & Lime Lap Quilt... February 2015
Cats in the Picture Quilt... Oct 2014
North Pole Village... Sept 2o14
For Denya... Aug 2o14
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Below is the very first quilt I made.
It was for my Mother and is called Amour Toujours.
My quilt making journey... from very humble beginnings... until now.
I still only know what could be written on a postage stamp...
BUT I'm learning with every quilt I make.
Thanks for visiting...

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heather stockton said...

Your Quilts are all Beautiful, I particularly like the grey red and white one Roses In Bloom :)

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